About metal wire hanger knowledge

Hanger Components

Hook, skeleton, clip, cross bar

Hanger Classification

According to the material hanger can be divided into: Iron/metal hanger (aluminum hanger, Iron/metal hanger, alloy hanger, etc.), wooden hanger, plastic hangers, flocking hanger,

According to the use of occasions and purposes can be divided into: men and women suit hangers, women's fashion hangers, men and women casual clothes hangers, underwear hangers, T-shirts and shirt hanger, children's clothing hangers,

MEIFENG mainly specializing in the production of metal(Iron/metal wire) hangers, #PVChangers, PE hangers, electroplating hanger, and adult swimwear hangers and other custom Iron/metal hanger.

Iron/metal hanger is characterized by a simple mold, cheap,durable.

Iron/metal hanger generally can not directly engraved LOGO, LOGO special need to weld Iron/metal brand or add plastic card.

cloth hanger

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