are fabric wardrobes any good

The advantages of cloth wardrobe:

1. different styles and assemble ways. It’s a good choice for people who pursue personalized life and like DIY.

2. High space utilization. For room with limited space, the storage space can be well used and maximized. And it helps the room appear warm and comfortable.

3, the price is affordable. Normally the price of fabric wardrobes are lower than USD50, but with large storage space. The price of fabric wardrobe is much more affordable than tens of thousands other wardrobes, like wooden wardrobe that many people use.

4. Good moisture resistance. Generally there is with some distance between the bottom shelf of fabric wardrobe and ground. This can be effectively resist moisture. At the same time space,you can also place shoes and shoes box below fabric wardrobe to better use the space. The effect is quite good for room with limited storage space.

5. Easy to assemble without tools in short time and can be easily knock down, if you would like to move to another place.