Creative shoe racks

Creative shoe racks

Nail on the wall of the creative shoe rack

This looks very interesting nail on the wall of the shoe rack can help you clean up the floor throwing shoes, whether it is folder or sports shoes, can be easily hanging on the top, of course, shoes can also, boots estimated It becomes a problem ...

Compared to the general shoe rack and shoe, this Footprint decoration is undoubtedly a great advantage, when the shoes take down, it is completely a three-dimensional abstract decorations.

Used to kick the shoe rack

This shoe is different from the ordinary, a bit like a big toothbrush. Kazakhstan. Put shoes, you just kick the shoes on the line on the line.

This shoe is the idea of a very different kind of Oh. Unfortunately, the array is not very nice.

Roller shoe rack

Put the shoes in such a drum inside, this idea is really great! Not only save space, but also very convenient. Especially for those who have a lot of shoes, ladies only need to gently turn the drum, you can easily find with their own clothes with the shoes, eliminating the rummaging of the frustration.

Through a separate card slot fixed shoes, the edge made of soft plastic, so do not worry about your beloved shoes will leave any wear marks. So small space can store up to 30 pairs of shoes at the same time!

Movable shoe rack

Size: each height of 25CM, distraction diameter of 30CM

Can be used separately, can also be used in combination. Up to one can shampoo 4 pairs of 8 only.

Specifically for the shoes to build a new place to dry, sun slippers sun baby shoes, very thoughtful and very useful stuff!



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