Do you know the PVC hanger production process?

Do you know the PVC hanger production process?

Hanger types are divided into a variety of PVC racks is a relatively popular, whether from the quality or from the appearance, are more in line with the user, and today we explain from the process, so that you understand it more deeply.

PVC hanger process is through the heating of metal, the plastic powder evenly sprayed on the metal to form a layer of plastic film, or heated dipping liquid into the metal parts, so that after cooling the plastic coated on the metal surface. This process without mold, low processing costs, easy molding, processing a variety of shapes and other features are widely used.

PVC hanger is more and more popular, PVC, PE processing products with rich colors, good protection, excellent cold insulation and anti-acid and alkali, but for the hanger is more durable.

PVC hanger process is more stringent, so the products produced by durable.


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