How many method of wire hanger welding technology ?

How many method of welding technology of wire hanger?

Dipping hangers before the dip, the need for the hanger parts welding, welding methods are generally four, respectively, welding method, buried method, riveting method and spot welding method. For these four welding processes, we briefly know as below.

  Welding method is the ultrasonic vibration with the welding head will be ultrasonic conduction to the welding of welding methods, due to the two welds at the large acoustic resistance, so the local high temperature can make the weld interface melting. Under certain pressure, you can make the dip hanger welding to achieve beautiful, fast, strong welding effect.
Buried method is the nut or other metal into the plastic workpiece, the first ultrasonic transmission to the metal, the high-speed vibration, so that metal directly embedded in the molding of plastic, while the plastic melting, the completion of the completion of the buried.
Riveting method is the metal and plastic or two different nature of the plastic joint, you can use the ultrasonic riveting method, so that welding can not be easily brittle, and beautiful, strong.
Spot welding method is the use of small welding head will be two large plastic products sub-point welding, or the entire row of tooth-like welding head directly on the two pieces of plastic parts, so as to achieve the effect of spot welding.


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