How to choose a good hanger factory

How to choose a good hanger factory


It is very important for the dealer to choose a good hanger factory to cooperate. This is directly related to the common interest. Let's take a few suggestions below.

One, choose a few hanger factory, for comparison. Compare their product quality, delivery time rate, brand strength, price, and their degree of understanding of the hanger. Generally good hanger factory will be their own production of the hanger is very clear that this hanger factory technology will be better, the production of hanger technology will be better.

Second, if possible, but to the field to inspect the production base of the hanger. Inspect their hanger production workshop, the production line scale. Inspect their products placed, the production process. A good hanger factory will be carried out in an orderly manner, the placement of the workshop will be more neat.

Third, weclome to visit Meifeng factory, inspect how to product metal wire hanger, how to dipping PVC,how to packing in to box.

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