How to Keep Fabric Wardrobe in Good Condition

Fabric Wardrobe has a very outstanding advantage, portable. It can be reused and easy to knock down & assemble when move to another place. Quanzhou Kaiyuan Meifeng Metal Wire Factory Specialized in Fabric Wardrobe, Shoe Rack and Hangers.

Here we would like to share with you some tips about fabric wardrobes:

1.To keep the fabric wardrobe clean, you can use dry cloth wipe the wire tubes and wet cloth to wipe the fabric shelf and fabric cover

2.Pay attention to the surroundings of the fabric wardrobe, in case the fabric cover become broken by some sharp stuff.

3.Put some silica gels in the fabric wardrobe, in case clothes and fabric cover may get mildewed in rainny day

4.Dont place the wardrobe under sun directly. The fabric cover will be easily broken and it will shorten the lifespan of the wardrobe.

5.It s normal that the wardrobe is not in good shape after using a long time and it would be better to check, reassemble the wardrobe and make sure the wire tubes & plastic joints are connected well after using 2-3month. 

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