installation method of clothes wardrobe

installation method

Looking for a frame

Find out the parts of the wardrobe undercover, put them together, note that only the parts of the cloth closet bottom. There are some with a shoe rack, the first part of the shoe rack to install

First on the cloth

Note that the second step is not the cloth closet on the rest of the shelves are on, and on the first cloth. The cloth zipper open, the middle of the sticky place also opened, bottom down. Cloth at the end there are some dug a small hole, according to the cloth wardrobe each hole from the top down the cloth, along the vertical down the pull. You can not pull the bottom.

Overall look

Put the rest of the closet in the cloth inside the cloth installed, and then pull the cloth up, covered with a tube installed top, the above adjustment

fabric wardrobe

clothes closet

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