What is a portable wardrobe?

Portable closet is used to store clothing , its easy to assemble and easy to carry, now many consumers choose it in rent home/school. For the small space, can be reasonable arrangement, appear warm and comfortable.

The cloth wardrobe have various styles. For the pursuit of personalized life, and even like DIY hands-on operation of the people , your good Storage Organizer.

The most important material of portable closet is the two parts:

1. What kind of cloth is used as the material ? Because it will directly affect the practicality of its use. Generally speaking, the ordinary material is non-woven cloth, this kind of material is more common. Practical effect is general.

    Or you can choose Super thick polyester Oxford cloth cabinets, its quality is more practical and outstanding. However, this          kind of cloth price also high.

2. What material is used as frame structure? usually there are two choose :wood frame or iron pipe frame.

We recommend to choose iron pipe frame, it’s more light, easy to carry, but firm, it’s a good choice.

This is article: What is a portable wardrobe? Hoping above can solve your doubts.

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