some tips for fabric wardrobe

some tips for fabric wardrobe

The use of cloth closet can be used to adjust the height of the partition with screws. With the conversion of the season, the heavy clothes, the length is also different. If the closet can adjust the height of the partition, you can match the length of the clothes, so that the wardrobe to maximize the effectiveness. Easy to use to occupy a small area.

In the use of cloth closet at the same time pay attention to good airtight: wardrobe should choose strong sealing, that is, with a seal. This can be dust and insects, not only the life of the wardrobe will be long, the clothes will be saved better.

The drawer in the closet is an important place for clothing. So although the height of the hanging part of the clothes will be reduced, but the deeper drawers, there is a lot of space to place T-shirts and other clothing, but also a great way to prevent the role of wardrobe shaking.

If the method is correct, it will effectively use the space and be able to maintain the clothes well. T-shirt, sweatshirt should be tightly rolled into a cylindrical, you can save space, and have a clear effect; and retractable shirt should be careful not to wrinkle collar, should not be placed too crowded. Socks can be rolled into a circular arrangement, but do not roll back, so as to avoid elastic loss of elasticity. Shorts should also be folded into a round.

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