what's the best shoe rack

what's the best shoe rack

d.i.y shoe rack is used to place man’s ,woman’s ,kids’ shoes . Now let's take a look at how to buy a best shoe rack homemade.

1. Choose the storage shoe rack size according to the number of shoes.

The size of the shoe rack has many kinds , a lot of shoes can choose a larger shoe rack,like below shoe rack 50 pair (99x1410010), shoes less friends can choose smaller size of the shoe rack,like 99x146004 up to 18 pair shoe rack..

99x1410010                                                              99x146004

shoe rack 50 pair.png                      small shoe rack.JPG

2. According location to choose different material shoe rack home depot.

Because plastic shoe racks and wooden shoe racks can not be placed in direct sunlight to the place, its easy aging and chapped. Therefore, if the shoe rack is placed in the balcony and other outdoor areas, it is recommended to choose metal shoe racks, longer service life. If housed indoors, you can choose plastic shoe racks or wooden shoe racks.


3. Buy attention:

1.Check whether the shoe rack is stable when you assemble them.

2. Check the weight load of each shelf whether the heavy load is easily deformed.


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