Coat Rack Selection Introduction

Practical principle

In real life, wooden coat rack relatively more practical than metal, because wooden coat racks will be slightly heavier than metal, which will play a role in balancing support.

Principles of aesthetics

Generally speaking, the stronger sense of modern metal. Woody feeling is usually a bit more quaint.

Principle of economy

Metal and wooden coat racks and prices higher, plastics and rattan would be more affordable.

Principles of environmental protection and health

Coat rack according to different materials and paint the surface materials on human health effects are not the same.

Surface treatment:

Market players in order to save costs, increase the degree of price competition used toxic paint and formaldehyde, will have enormous impact on human health for a long time.


Metal and wood products generally no harm to health, but plastic products need to be aware that some material or material will have an impact on health.