Considerations For Fabric Wardrobe

Use cloth closet available height adjustment screws above and below the diaphragm. Conversion of the seasonal, heavy clothing, length is different. If the closet partition can adjust placement height, it can be combined with the length of the clothes, closets for maximum effect. Easy to use small occupied area.

Use cloth chest bearing in mind good airtight: strong closed wardrobe should be chosen, with a seal. This can prevent dust and insects, a wardrobe not only the life of the President, clothes are kept better.

Clothing storage drawer is an important place in the wardrobe. So while hanging clothing some of highly reduced, but a deep drawer, have greater space for clothing such as t-shirts, but also had a large role in preventing wardrobes shook.

Fold clothes properly, you will effectively use space and good clothes. T-shirts, sport shirts should be tightly rolled into a cylinder-shaped, saves space, and have a clear effect and retractable collar of his shirt to be careful not to crease, also should not be placed too crowded. SOCKS can be rolled into a circular arrangement, but never against the volume, so that an elastic band to lose its elasticity. Shorts should be folded into round.