Wardrobe Tips To Buy

First, note cloth wardrobe whether vendors have the authority of the State inspection reports, if they meet national mandatory standards. Such as formaldehyde emission is lower than 1.5mg/L, moisture content between 5 to 11, but also to pay attention to the commoner the tamper.

Second, cloth structure to the right of the Cabinet. Focusing cloth wardrobe constructed of both stability and ease of Assembly, clothing Cabinet stability and wardrobe in cool clothes, to maintain balance. Assembly procedure, if cumbersome, then cloth closet convenience features are missing.

Third, attention to the green cloth chest. Cloth wardrobe is to long-term use, if cloth chest environmental quality is not high, will have some impact on family health. Cloth material on the market mainly particleboard and MDF, normally, superior quality of plates containing formaldehyde must be less than 0.9mg/100mg.

Finally, note the hardware cloth chest. Hardware cloth wardrobe is very important, materials include carbon steel, titanium and aluminum alloy, remember when buying cloth chest pulleys, smooth, wear-resistant pressure resistance and sealing properties, note also that the chute is smooth, has a noise. It would also pay attention to the hinges, screws, connection, accessories such as quality issues.